Confessions Of A Sex Worker

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I believe in objectification. Meaning, I believe it’s a part of the human experience. Most of us are sexual creatures. Most of us are visually oriented to various degrees. We look. I look. My working-class desert town is a feast of cute women rocking inexpensive clothes with the kind of authentically cultivated style most fashion week models could only dream of, and lean men in Wranglers and weathered shirts who carry their bodies with a grace learned from never ending shifts on oil rigs. I see them. A lot of times, I want them. It’s a part of the human system, this desire towards what we find beautiful or compelling, and in those moments of looking it is an objectification. We know nothing of the desired in a personal way. They are a canvas, a thing, a literal object.

When I stare at a roughneck, he has no girlfriend, no…

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Episode 2: Maggie ‘Ex Call-Girl’ McNeill

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“I think it was George Carlin who said: ‘If selling is legal, and sex is legal, why is selling sex illegal?'”

“By the time I got to formal sex work I was  almost 31, it’s funny that I didn’t think of it sooner”

In our second episode we talk to Maggie ‘Ex Call-Girl’ McNeill. Maggie has been a librarian, stripper, call-girl, madam, and housewife.  She is now best known for her blog The Honest Courtesan where she discusses the issues surrounding sex work.  Her blog has led to guest lectures on the topic as well as multiple media appearances and her work has been published in theWashington Post.  She is also the author of Ladies Of The Night, a book of creative fiction based around her experiences as a prostitute.  She currently lives in the Southern US but did most of her sex work in New…

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The Craving

The Honest Courtesan

My wife and I have been together for 13 years, and our sex life is basically nonexistent.  She was always very conservative about what she would do, but she has serious chronic health problems so even straight intercourse is now rare (less than 20 times in the past 3 years).  She’s an excellent housewife who takes excellent care of me and my son, and I love her and would never want to hurt her.  But I do need sex, and if I bring it up she says it’s because I watch too much porn.  So I decided to see an escort and found one I think I’ll like, but what if I become addicted to seeing escorts?  I searched the internet and found that this can be a scary addition that can cause a marriage to crumble.  How can I know if I’ll be addicted or not?

Woman with MonkeyYour situation is…

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